VIP Pompeii and Positano Private Tour for Cruise Passengers

Discover Pompeii and Positano with us!
Private Transportation in a Mercedes car or van, Skip-the-line tickets
Kids pay half price!​


about 8 hours

Skip-the-line tickets

Pick up at the port*

Transportation included

Professional Guides

Activity level


Sights Included

Pompeii Ruins
– Beautiful Roman houses and frescoes
– Forum, Baths
– Theaters, Via dell’Abbondanza
– Breathtaking Views
– Picturesque streets and squares
– Unique local shops
Amalfi Coast
– Drive along the gorgeous coast
– Unforgettable views
– Free time for a lovely lunch

Tour Description

Is your cruise stopping in Naples?

Then our Pompeii and Positano Private Tour for Cruise Passengers is perfect for you!

Don’t miss the chance to visit these special places with private transportation and a professional personal guide.

Our driver will be waiting for you at Naples Port. He’ll have a sign with your name on it, so you can recognize him easily. 

Then, you’ll drive for about 45 minutes to Pompeii. Once in the famous Vesuvian town, you’ll meet your local guide: a real expert on Pompeii and Positano!

1. Pompeii

Pompeii is one of the most important archaeological sites in the world.  Once a wealthy Roman city, it was completely buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in the year 79 AD.

Despite the efforts of the admiral of the Roman Fleet – the famous Pliny the Elder – rescuing the Pompeiians was almost impossible. Pliny himself was one of the victims of the disaster. 

The city was forgotten for almost 1,700 years, until the excavations started in 1748.

The archaeologists could not believe their eyes. The eruption had killed the inhabitants but preserved the buildings, saving them from a slow but irreversible decay. 

Pompeii is not a ruin – it’s a Roman city that has survived almost intact.

The ashes saved not only the structures, but even the decorations. No wonder the original archaeologists were so excited – it was possible to see Roman wall paintings and colorful stuccoes for the first time in history. A whole new chapter of art history was about to be written.

Walking through the streets of Pompeii is a journey back in time. As you explore the town, you’ll feel as though you’ve somehow ended up back in the Roman age, in the 1st century AD.

You’ll walk on the roads where the ancient Pompeiians walked, and visit the baths where they would hang out every day. Then there’s the main piazza (the Forum), and the temples where the gods were worshiped…there’s so much to explore!

During your visit, you’ll also admire the beautiful frescoes that decorated the houses and the public buildings.

Your private guide will help you to gain a deeper understanding of ancient Roman culture. You’ll learn about Roman habits and daily life, and explore the places the Pompeiians visited every day.

Which gods did the Romans worship? What about Christianity?

What was the daily routine of a typical Pompeian? What jobs did they do? What did they eat, and where? Ask your guide – they’re there just for you, and they’ll have all the answers to your questions.

After your Pompeii discovery walk, you’ll probably have worked up an appetite.

Your guide will happily recommend a traditional pizzeria or, if you prefer, a local restaurant, where you can enjoy your break. 

Then, it’ll be time to start the second part of your Pompeii and Positano Private Tour.

2. Positano

After lunch, you’ll drive for about 45 minutes to Positano, the “pearl” of the Amalfi Coast.

Positano is one of the most beautiful and unique places in Italy. 

It’s also called the “vertical” city, since it’s almost entirely built into the slope of the Lattari mountains. Many areas are connected only by steps. 

The houses where the Positanesi live are painted in light pastel colors, and the streets are often covered with blossoming flowers. 

From the top of the hill, the city offers dramatic views of the blue Mediterranean. 

Nearby, you can see the Li Galli islands, where celebrities like the dancer Rudolph Nureyev once lived. 

The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that the small islands were home to the sirens.

In Greek mythology, the sirens were evil and dangerous creatures. Half women and half birds (only later were they depicted with the fishtail), the sirens enchanted the sailors with their voices, causing terrible shipwrecks. 

Ulysses, the most famous of the Greek heroes, told his crew to fill up their ears with wax, so they could not listen to the beautiful – and deadly – songs.  

Then, he ordered his companions to tie him up to the mast of his ship, so he could listen to the magical singing without being in danger. 

Humiliated by Ulysses’ trick, the sirens drowned themselves in the sea and turned into rocks: the Li Galli islands. 

Let the charm of Positano seduce you. Your private guide will show you the highlights of the town, along with some off-the-beaten-path corners, and then give you some free time for shopping. 

After all, the town is also famous for its linen products and colorful clothes. The laidback glamor of Positano style is famous worldwide.

Make the most of your Positano experience. Enjoy the smell of the fresh lemons as you sip a drink or eat a Delizia al Limone, sitting on one of the many terraces of the city. 

At the end of our Pompeii and Positano Private Tour, your driver will take you back to your ship in plenty of time, so you can continue your cruise.

As you sail away, you’ll be left with wonderful memories of your day – the magic of Pompeii and Positano.


You MUST bring an ID, a passport or a driver’s license to enter the sights.

This is the price for groups from one to six people. If you have more people in your group, please let us know and we’ll create a customized price.​​

Pick up at the port will be done only if your ship docks in NAPLES.
If your ship is docking elsewhere, please let us know and we’ll create a customized itinerary for you.

1199 € for 1 person
60 € per additional adult
30 € per additional kid under 18
What's included
Skip-the-line tickets

in a Mercedes car or van

Pick-up and drop-off at your ship

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    Italian ArtVentures' Feedbacks

    Above & Beyond
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    We were amazed by the service we received in Rome and even in Benevento. Giovanni went above and beyond to organize tours and transportation for our family of 15 traveling. Massimo was an incredible and knowledgeable tour guide in Rome. He made it fun for the kids and knew when to take a break. Provided water and an amazing lunch spot for us all. We still are talking about some of the stories he told us. Stefano met us at the train in Benevento and was only supposed to drive us through San Bartolomeo, my father's hometown. But he pulled up my father's and grandfather's genealogy and found some interesting facts that were amazing to find out. He printed and laminated it for us to take. It was an emotional day but such a wonderful part of the trip. The minibus was perfect for everyone to fit comfortably and head over to Almafi. Thank you Giovanni and your amazing staff for making this trip one of the most memorable trips ever!!!
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    Giovanni was so exceptional at his job that you left the trip feeling torn between wanting to tell the World and also keeping him a best kept secret. Everything that he had orchestrated happened, seamlessly for us as if he had choreographed the entire country of Italy to show up, act, behave on queue. I put together a lot of trips, all over the world, for a group of around 20 friends each adventure. As the chief coordinator, you are always a little concerned about third party tours and tour guides: will everyone show up, is this a scam, can they speak English? Giovanni had infinite patience answering my questions and provided so much detail about our adventure, that everyone knew what to expect ahead of time. He took into consideration everyone’s interest, abilities and aptitudes. We saw a side of Italy that felt intimate and entertaining. There are not enough stars in the galaxy to award him.
    Great Experience!
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    What a great experience for me and my family to have these private tours planned by Giovanni. We wanted a curated set of events during our time in Rome and Florence and Gio delivered such a wonderful set of activities to suit my husband and I and our two teenagers. Each of the four days was a memorable experience. Alex was so fantastic and I would recommend him highly- we had one our best meals with him just learning from him and having great conversation. Andres in Florence was a blast and incredibly connected to the history of the area, just a wealth of information so much so that we are definitely coming back to Florence to spend more time. Caterina walked us through the Roman ruins and the Colosseum which was awe inspiring. And, one of the best things we did which I highly recommend is a pasta making class with Romina. We learned to make two dishes with her and then ate the food we had prepared. Such a great way to spend our time connecting to Roma. Thank you Gio and to all our guides! We will cherish our memories made together.
    Thank you!
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    Giovanni-thank you for a wonderful itinerary of guided visits to all the sights in Rome! We so appreciated the communication and detailed planning that ensured our visits to the Vatican/St. Peter's, Colosseum, Hadrian's Villa and Florence came off without a hitch.
    Your guides are so friendly and knowledgeable. They made the history accessible and enriching.
    You covered every detail, down to lunch reservations, business class train tickets and wonderful air-conditioned transportation with friendly drivers!
    Thank you again for all the e-mails to develop a personalized itinerary for a special trip! We give you 5 1/2 stars on a 5 star scale!
    Great Tours!
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    Wonderful! Full of knowledge,,we used Italian ArtVentures for 4 tours…each guide we used was exceptional! We took tour of Rome, with Giovanni, Maria for Sistine Chapel, Stefano for Pompeii and Emilia for Florence… each one gave our group of four people answers to questions, gave insight to areas we didn't know existed…would certainly use them again!!
    Perfect Tour
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    Truly outstanding experience visiting the Vatican with Maria! She was the perfect guide - knowledgable, smart, funny, passionate about the subject matter. She had a deep knowledge of the art, architecture, history, and the religious significance of the whole area, and gave us thoughtful, interesting commentary throughout our tour. Although she seemed to have a bottomless knowledge of everything, she also knew how to present the information in a way that was considered, insightful, and crucially, not too overwhelming for us. As we walked, she called attention to many things, some big, others details that could easily be missed. She was well prepared, but also brilliant at answering questions and flexible about following our interests. Several times she pointed out a small detail, then drew a connection back to it later in the tour. She knew the Vatican, Sistine Chapel, courtyard and Basilica like the back of her hand, steering us to less crowded routes and perfect viewing vantages. One of us is Catholic, and one of us loves art, and Maria brilliantly held both our interests throughout the tour. Highly Recommend!
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