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Giovanni Vergineo

Archaeologist, Founder
Ciao! I was born in Benevento, a historical town in the south of Italy. I’ve always loved history, and that’s why I decided to study archaeology. I got my BA and MA at the University of Salerno, then I moved to Rome where I got my post-graduate diploma in Classical Archaeology. I’ve dug in many important sites, such as the Roman Forum, Paestum, and Orvieto, where I have worked for over 15 years. In 2012, I became a licensed tour guide of Rome, and I founded Italian ArtVentures (formerly known as Roads to Rome). I quickly realized that I absolutely loved meeting people from all over the world, and showing them my favorite places and some of the sites where I dug. Today, my passion is still intact. I can’t wait to welcome you in Italy and help you design the perfect tour for you.
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Alessandra Capocefalo

Archaeologist, Tour Designer
Buongiorno! I was born in Campobasso, a lovely town in Molise. After graduating in classical Archaeology (Bachelor's and Master's) in Perugia, I got a post-graduate Diploma at the University of Rome, where I met Giovanni. During my career, I dug in many important sites, such as Scoppieto, and I became an expert in Roman pottery. I lived in Greece, Germany, and England, where I worked as an archaeologist for the MOLA and improved my English. But, at some point, I felt the need to come back to my lovely Molise and started working in tourism both as a guide and as a Tour Designer. I joined Italian ArtVentures in 2022. Aside from designing tours, I also take care of the reservations, customer care, and guide management. I am a traditional and ancient food expert, and I wrote a guide to the restaurants in Molise for the national newspaper "Repubblica".

Our Professional Tour Guides

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Art historian, tour guide in Rome
Ciao a tutti! I was born and raised in Rome, and I grew up constantly surrounded by art. That is probably why I developed a great passion for it, which lead me to study Art History at the University of Rome. After getting my master's, I realized that I enjoyed very much sharing my love for art with others, and I became a licensed tour guide. I also love wine and music: I'm a certified sommelier, and I play the guitar and the viola. I will happily recommend you my favorite wines. I am also a martial artist: no one will mess with us while we're on tour! 🙂
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Maria Libera

Art historian, tour guide in Rome
Hello everybody! My Name is Maria Libera. I was born in Manfredonia, a town in the south of Italy, but after graduating from high school I moved to Rome. I got my Bachelor's in Italian, but living in Rome has inevitably unleashed a great passion for art. That's why I decided to continue my studies getting a Master's in Art History, with a focus on the Renaissance. I love traveling, yoga, and plants. In fact, I'm an amateur botanist! I also study traditional Chinese Medicine. I also adore pastries and ice cream, and I will happily recommend to you my favorite places in Rome
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Tour guide in Venice, sommelier
Ciao! I was born in Venice and I always loved art and languages. I mixed these two passions by studying Languages, Arts, History, and Civilization at the University of Venice. As a thesis, I wrote a guidebook for St. Mary Materdomini, a lesser-known but fascinating church in the Lagoon. I speak English, Spanish, German, Japanese, and, of course, Italian. I love sharing the hidden gems and the highlights of my city with travelers, and I'm a big foodie. Don't ask me to cook, because that's not really my thing! I can give you great restaurant recommendations, though. I love riding my motorcycle together with my husband, Filippo: we go on awesome two-wheeled vacations. I'm also an Aikido black belt, and I am a certified Martial Arts teacher. I'll be your guide and your bodyguard! 🙂
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Language expert, tour guide in Pompeii
Cia' guagliu'! (That's how we say "hello guys" in Naples). I was born in Benevento, a town in the South of Italy, but I got a Master's in International Relationships at the University of Naples. My greatest passion is traveling: I lived in Canada, England, Spain, and Syria, before settling back in my hometown. I've always loved history and languages too; I speak English, Spanish, Arabic, and, of course, Italian. I enjoy showing my beautiful region to travelers from all over the world and learning about their cultures and habits. I have a lovely girlfriend called Antonietta, and a beautiful son called Lorenzo. We might meet them during one of our tours!
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Art historian, tour guide in Florence
I was born and raised in Florence, my favorite city in the world. Art and history are my greatest love. I got a Master's in Art History and one in Humanistic Studies at the University of Florence. Before becoming a tour guide, I was an academic. The focus of my research is heraldry and Florentine family history, and I published books, articles, and conferences proceedings about this topic. But, I also love meeting people from all over the world and showing them my gorgeous city. That's why I became a tour guide. I can't wait to take you around Florence and disclose its secrets to you.
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