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Do you offer private tours?

Yes, we do! We offer only private tours.

You will have a private guide only for you, your family or whoever is in your party.

How many people can I bring with me?

There is no limit to the size of your group, we can accommodate any request. 

Do you have any group tour that we can join?

No, we don’t offer group tours. 

Who is going to be my tour guide?

You will know the name of your tour guide a few days before the tour.

We select our guides very carefully, choosing professionals who have not only a solid background but also an engaging personality, and who can turn our tours into the highlights of your vacation.

Can I bring a luggage during the tour?

No, you can’t bring any luggage during the tour. In museums and archaeological sites you can’t go around with a luggage. Furthermore, in most of the museums you can’t check your bags: they will simply not let you enter.

Can I bring a bag visiting museums?

Yes, but it has to be a small size bag or a purse.

Big backpacks are not allowed.

Can I take a tour with a wheelchair or if I have any walking issue

It is possible to tour almost everywhere in a wheelchair or if you have walking issues. It is important that you let us know in advance if you have special needs, so that we can plan your tour accordingly and advise you about what tours to get.  

Is pick up at our hotel included?

We include pick up almost always, but there are some exceptions. You’ll find all the information you need about pick up on the tour pages. 

If you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to send us an email.

How can I find my guide if my hotel is not in the pick up area?

We can arrange a private car transfer (or a private water taxi transfer in Venice) to take you to your guide. You can also reach your guide by yourself: if your hotel is outside of the pick up area, we will tell you where to meet your guide. 

Is the return service to my hotel included?

Usually it’s not, but it’s always included if the tour you’ve booked has transportation included (i.e. Tivoli day trip, or Amalfi Coast day trip). You’ll find all the information you need about transportation on the tour pages. If you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to send us an email. 

 At the end of the tour, if you need a cab, your guide will show you the closest taxi stand.

At what time will we meet?

Our meeting times are very flexible. We can start at the time that is more convenient for you, according to your schedule. We will always suggest you the most appropriate meeting times for the tours you have chosen in order to avoid the heat and the crowds.

Is the transportation included in the tour price?

Most of our tours have transportation included from your hotel to the area of the tour; many tours, instead, have transportation included for the whole day. In Venice, Florence and Naples, transportation is usually not included. 

You can find all the info you need about transportation in each tour page. 

When is the tour considered confirmed?

The tour is considered confirmed after you’ve filled out the form we’ll send you, accepted our terms and conditions, and paid either the full amount or a deposit. 

Do you make hotel reservations?

No, but we will be happy to suggest you the best areas to get a hotel.

How can I pay for the services required?

You can pay electronically via credit card, pay pal or bank transfer.

Is a deposit required?

Yes. As soon as you pay the deposit we will reserve your skip-the-line tickets and confirm your tours.

Do I need my passport with me during the tour?

No, but bringing a copy is suggested. You will certainly need to bring your ID or your driver’s license to enter the museums, since the tickets will be bought in your name. 

Do I have to show an ID at the museums’ entrance?

Yes, museum’s staff might ask you for your ID or driver’s license. 

– Put on comfortable shoes! Most tours require some walking or, sometimes, a lot or walking!

– Don’t bring knives or any sharp objects because they are not allowed in museums and archaeological sites

– Don’t bring any kind of spray or glass bottle (not even perfume bottles or deodorants) since you will not be allowed to bring them inside the museums and the archaeological sites.

– Big backpacks or luggages can’t be brought in museums and archaeological sites  

– If you’re visiting Italy in the summer, don’t forget to bring a bottle of water and a hat, mostly of outdoor tours. 

– Bring with you some cash in case you need to pay for something: many small shops or restaurants don’t accept credit cards. 

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