The best beaches near Rome

When you think of Italian beaches, you probably picture the white sands of Calabria and Sardinia, but there are also plenty of beautiful beaches near Rome. In fact, over the summer months many Romans essentially re-locate to the seaside, preferring to spend their afternoons lazing on the beach than sweltering in the inner city.

If you’re visiting Rome during the height of the summer, you might want to consider alternating days of sightseeing with trips to the beach. Sometimes, the best way to enjoy the city is to get out of the city every now and then…

Choosing beaches near Rome

The first consideration is how to get there – some beaches are just a 30-45 minute train journey away, while others require a car. The general rule is that the quality of the beach improves as you get further away from Rome, with cleaner sand and water. However, far away beaches like Sperlonga and Gaeta are difficult (though not impossible) to reach without a car.

You should also keep in mind that most beaches are private, which means that if you want to use them, you’ll have to pay for a sunbed or umbrella. The private beach can seem like an alien concept to some tourists, but there are advantages – the beach is kept clean, and there are facilities like toilets, showers and bars.

If you don’t want to pay, you’ll usually find a public beach (spiaggia libera) nearby. You can put down your towel wherever you like, but there may not be facilities.

With public transport: Ostia, Anzio and Santa Marinella

The best-known beach near Rome is Ostia, which is only half an hour away by train. It’s an easy day trip

Ostia Lido Beach

from Rome – take the train from Porta San Paolo (next to Piramide metro station), and when you get off at Ostia, you’ll find lots of beaches within walking distance. Keep in mind that there are very few public beaches here, unless you take the bus to the Cancelli, and that the beaches get very crowded at weekends.

Anzio is also accessible by train, and one of the most popular day trips from Rome. As well as extensive beaches, there’s a lively town centre with a good choice of restaurants. Anzio played an important part in the Second World War, so if you’re interested in history you could also visit the cemetery and museum.

The sleepy town of Santa Marinella has one of the best beaches near Rome, and it’s also very easy to get to – when you get off the train, you’re just a 5 minute walk from the beach. Being a little bit further away from Rome, the water is cleaner, and if you avoid weekends the beach has a laidback, peaceful vibe.

With a car: Sperlonga, Sabaudia and Gaeta

The amazing Tiberius’ Grotto in Sperlonga

Gorgeous Sperlonga resembles a Greek fishing village and has some truly spectacular beaches, as well as a picturesque town centre. The downside? Paradise doesn’t come cheap, and it can also be difficult to get to. Take the car and you risk getting stuck in lengthy traffic jams; take the train and you have little choice but to be ripped off by a taxi driver in order to get the beach. The ideal solution is probably driving, but avoiding weekends and going right at the beginning or end of the summer.

Unless you fancy taking a stuffy coach from the end of the metro line, you really need a car to get to Sabaudia. But it’s definitely worth the drive – clean seas and secluded beaches. There’s also a good choice of public beaches compared to the other destinations near Rome.

Our final recommendation for the best beaches near Rome is also the furthest from Rome – Gaeta. It’s at least a 90 minute drive, not counting potential traffic jams, so you might want to consider staying overnight to make the most of your trip. Gaeta is a charming, laidback town, and when compared to Ostia, the beaches are in another category altogether. We recommend getting away from the centre and spending a day in the natural beauty of the beach known as 300 Gradini.

In addition to these beaches, there are many fascinating towns and historical sites which can be visited on day trips from Rome, such as Ostia Antica and Tivoli. If you’re spending several days in Rome, a day trip is definitely worthwhile, as you’ll get a better understanding of the varied beauty of the Lazio region. There’s more to Lazio than Rome, and Roads to Rome Private Tours has a great deal of amazing day trips from the Capital!


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