Is booking a Rome customized tour worthwhile?

Should you book a customized tour in Rome?

Tourists in the Eternal City have three options when it comes to sightseeing: self-guided visits, group tours, or a Rome customized tour (ie: private tour). Each option comes with different pros and cons, but for visitors who want to explore Rome in the most comfortable and convenient way, a tailor-made tour may be the best option. From flexibility to price, here are the advantages of booking a Rome customized tour.

Flexible and family-friendly

Rome Customized Private Tour Colosseum Palatine hill
View of the Colosseum from the Palatine Hill where only a private tour guide can take you.

Perhaps the main advantage of customized tours is the flexibility – you can plan the tour to suit your schedule. Whether you prefer an early start, a late start, weekday or weekend, everything can be planned to suit your needs. This can be especially useful if you’re only in Rome for a short time. Your tour guide will also take care of all the organization and book skip-the-line tickets, so you won’t have to waste time waiting in line. Even locals get stressed out by the public transport in Rome, so dealing with buses or the metro can be a daunting prospect for tourists – even more so for first time visitors, or groups with children or people with disabilities. Choosing a Rome customized tour can save you a lot of stress, as the tour will usually include hotel pick-up and drop-off. This makes it much easier to get around Rome, and to enjoy day trips to places such as Ostia Antica, Tivoli, Cerveteri and Orvieto.

Personalized itineraries on your Rome customized tour

Group tours tend to follow very strict, structured itineraries, moving swiftly from point A to B – no time for detours, or lingering a little longer in a place that interests you. Private tours allow visitors much more freedom. You can agree on a customized itinerary with your personal guide beforehand, and during the tour you can speed up, slow down or take a detour without worrying about the rest of the group. Whether you want to admire the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel at leisure, or ask your guide for more information about an artwork or monument, these are luxuries that only available on a private tour.

Rome Customized Private Tour Colosseum
A private tour guide took this picture of two customers on the Arena Floor of the Colosseum

It’s also much easier to venture off the beaten path, and discover the hidden treasures of Rome. Guides also have more freedom on customized tours in Rome, as they’re not forced to follow a set itinerary. This means there’s a sense of real adventure as you explore Rome, unexpectedly discovering one of the lesser-known masterpieces of the Vatican Museums, or getting away from the crowds to wander down the atmospheric back streets of the historic centre.


Rome tours – which is best value for money?

There’s a common misconception that group tours are the best value for money, and that private tours are prohibitively expensive. A solo traveller might choose a group tour to save money, but couples, families or groups of friends are undoubtedly better off choosing a Rome customized tour. If you’re booking tour ticket for four or more people, it’s obvious that a private tour automatically becomes better value. And even if it’s not necessarily cheaper when there are fewer than four people, there’s often not much of a difference in price. So, considering all the advantages mentioned above, booking a customized tour is certainly the best value for money.

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