The new Colosseum tickets: visit the restricted areas (S.U.P.E.R.)

Why choose the Colosseum new tickets?

 There’s an exciting new way to discover Rome – new Colosseum tickets offering unprecedented access to the most important ancient sites in Rome.

The new Colosseum ticket is called “S.U.P.E.R” – “Seven Unique Places to Experience in Rome”. Costing only a few euros more than the regular Colosseum ticket (€18 instead of the usual €12), it’s unbelievably good value.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Colosseum
  • Palatine Hill (including Nero’s Cryptoporticus, the House of Augustus, the House of Livia, the Palatine Museum and more)
  • The Roman Forum (including the imperial ramp, the medieval church of Santa Maria Antiqua and more)

The main benefit of the ticket is the access to restricted areas that are very difficult to see otherwise. Until recently, the only way to see the House of Augustus and the House of Livia was to book tickets far in advance and join a group tour. Now, for the first time, individual visitors can see everything with the purchase of just one ticket.

An additional advantage is the flexibility of the ticket S.U.P.E.R. allows you to enter and exit the Roman Forum and the Palatine two times, while the standard ticket allows you to enter only once. Both tickets are valid for two days.

The secrets of the Palatine

sights includes SUPER
The House of Augustus Virtual Reconstruction

The Colosseum new tickets include access to some of the most atmospheric parts of the Palatine Hill. On your Palatine tour you can nowvisit the House of Augustus, exploring the beautifully frescoed rooms of the emperor’s private residence. Nearby is the House of Livia – an equally evocative villa which belonged to the emperor’s wife.

A fascinating new feature of the House of Augustus tour is the introduction of a 3D experience. This innovative use of technology brings the past to life, giving you an insight into the life and times of the emperor and providing interpretations of the artwork. The 3D experience lasts 40 minutes, and is alternately in English and Italian. If you arrive at the House of Augustus in the middle of the Italian version, head over to the House of Livia, where it will be in English (and vice versa).

Nero’s Cryptoporticus is another highlight of the new 

super criptoportico
Nero’s Cryptoporticus on the Palatine Hill

Colosseum tour. This ancient passageway, which is decorated with elegant stucco images, was used to connect various parts of the imperial palace. A walk through the tunnel is enriched by another 3D experience, using images and music to take you back in time.

Roman Forum tour

A tour of the Roman Forum now includes a visit to the atmospheric passageway known as the imperial ramp. This grand tunnel would have allowed emperors to go between the Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum in privacy, and on horseback (hence the high ceilings). Rooms along the side of the ramp display artwork and artefacts that were found nearby, including a beautiful statue of Hercules.

Two other intriguing sites included on the new Colosseum tickets are the Temple of Romulus (a well-preserved monument from the 4th century) and the church of Santa Maria Antiqua (a medieval church containing some remarkable frescoes).

S.U.P.E.R. with Roads to Rome Tours

For the ultimate Rome tour, we recommend trying the S.U.P.E.R. experience with Roads to Rome Private Tours. In the company of an expert archaeologist, you’ll get access to all the restricted areas and enjoy a personalized experience.